Norton’s Security for iPhone Improving Mobile Security

Mobile devices such as the iPhone will benefit from a software program released by Norton to increase the security of enterprise mobile. The application, Norton Connect Beta, can be used by users of the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered mobile devices and downloaded in Apple’s App Store or the Android Market.. Launched by Symantec, the software contains many beneficial features.
After downloading the application and storing data online with either Norton Online Backup or Norton 360, users have the option of sharing the data via their mobile device. This may include documents, photos, music and videos. With the ever-increasing technology that is available today, consumers want to be able to access data from all devices. Social networking sites are one of the areas where the application will be most useful since this is a popular venue for sharing data.
By strengthening mobile security, Norton 360 will provide an advantage for millions of these users who use social networking sites. The software will protect users from the conventional threats including phishing protection, anti-spyware and anti-virus protection. In addition, protection from identity theft, drive-by downloads and bots will be provided by the new program.
Security is extremely important as many smartphones are used for checking on bank account balances and many passwords are at stake. They are also used for exchanging information by businesses and some of this information may be of a very sensitive nature. Smartphones and tablets are essentially used as a smaller versions of the personal computer today, making them vulnerable to the same threats and security issues.
Until recently, iPhones did not have the option of security that was available to computer users. The latest encryption systems were given a good look and upgraded to provide users with safer connections. Hackers have become very adept at gaining access during vulnerable times and retrieving information from smartphones. This includes bank account passwords, other passwords for frequently-visited sites and email information. This is partially due to the fact that mobile phones are used much more often and more indifferently than computers. People often do not realize how vulnerable their smartphones may be when it comes to hackers.
Norton Connect will allow users to access information that has been stored in Symantec’s storage if the information is in Norton 360. The security service is also available to those subscribing to iPhones and Android phones. The plan is considered to be a highly successful feature because it inserts Symantec security into products that are not necessarily accessed, unlike personal computers.
The iPhone operating system is focused on keeping viruses at bay, but that doesn’t mean there are no inherent security risks. Norton’s application allows users to feel more secure in sharing information via their smartphones. As the senior vice president of Symantec’s Consumer Products and Marketing said: “consumers today expect to be able to access and share their files, photos and music anytime, from any device and our mobile applications make that possible.”

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