Norton Online Backup Review: What Does It Offer?

Norton Online Backup comes from a company that certainly requires no introduction. The question remains, however: Does this world-famous security provider offer what it takes to compete in the world of online backup?
Norton Online Backup includes the features that you would expect in any online backup service. One of the things that you want to keep in mind, however, is the fact that Norton On-line Backup is not particularly generous with the amount of storage it gives you. In fact, you only get 25 gigabytes of storage with the service. If you have a lot of music files, video files and other multimedia content to upload, you’re not going to be able to fit them into a space this small.
Norton Online Backup does have the capacity to save different versions and it does so for 90 days. It also uses 128-bit SSL encryption for transfers. Surprisingly, this is not as tight a level of security as some of its competition offers, which is odd considering the fact that Norton is, specifically, a security company.

The main advantage with Norton Online Backup is that it supported by the same large and efficient corporate infrastructure as are the other products put on the market by Norton. This gives users a bit of peace of mind in that they are going with a company that has a good reputation and that is known around the world. One other advantage of this system is that it allows you to transfer from external hard drives, netbooks, laptops and Macintosh and PC systems. You won’t have compatibility issues with Norton On-line Backup, except in one glaring regard.

Norton Online Backup, even though it comes from one of the most prolific software makers in the world, is not compatible with mobile devices. For some people, this is going to sour the deal. Compatibility with mobile devices is becoming more important for a much broader demographic of users than ever before. If you’re one of these users, you’re going to be disappointed with what Norton On-line Backup has to offer.

As far as name recognition goes, you couldn’t do better than Norton On-line Backup. On the other hand, this makes it almost even more disappointing that Norton On-line Backup offers very common features and that it neglects to include the types of features that are becoming more and more indicative of companies that really know how to build an on-line backup product.

Norton Online Backup comes from a great company and, if brand name recognition is the most important thing to you, this might be what you want. Beyond that, however, it offers very little storage, no compatibility with mobile devices and doesn’t really do anything to make it any different from the other offerings out there. Where it does differ, it tends to lack compared to what other companies that specialize in online, offer their clients for the same great or a lesser, amount of money than Norton On-line Backup costs.

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