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Norton Internet Security is a security software product from Symantec. It is packed with features to protect your PC from all kinds of online threats and the main programs in this award-winning software are antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and antispam protection. Norton can be downloaded from
However, Norton Internet Security is not just an online protection program. It is designed to also shield your computer from other threats that aren't spread through the Internet. For example, many external media drives like flash disk drives and hard drives are known to easily transmit malware threats like viruses, Trojans and spyware. And many people use these devices to transfer files and carry personal information that can be destroyed by viruses on these devices.

Steps to downloading Norton Setup

1. Sign in to your Norton accounts in using the documented email ID or password
2. You should go through the Sign-up and fill the details up if you're a brand new user
3. Open Norton Setup window and click on the downloading Norton installation
4. Today you need to input the Norton Product Key you have received with the purchase
5. click the agree and download
6. If you are utilizing the Microsoft Edge Browser or IE- Click on the operation on the downloaded file
7. After that, you can start the setup
8. To Safari or Mozilla Firefox- Double-click the downloaded document to initiate the setup
9. To Google-Chrome - Double-click the downloaded file and begin the installation
10. Once, you run the program, you need to adhere to the onscreen education to complete the installation process

Steps for Activating Norton Setup

1. Once you have successfully installed the Norton Setup, you want to activate it.
2. With this, you can open the installed Norton product
3. In the main Window, hit on the Help
4. Presently, You'll Be motivated to input the Norton item
5. put it in the Item key option available under Account information

How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security

If you are tired of the complicated problems caused by the Norton antivirus program, you may consider trying to uninstall it directly from the Control Panel:
1. Click Start, and then go to Control Panel.
2. Enable Add or Remove Programs utility. Step
3. From Currently installed programs, find out Norton Internet Security, and then scroll to it
4. Click Remove and then click Remove All to remove it.
5. Directly ignore the Subscription Period Warning, and then click Next.
6. Follow the uninstall wizard to finish uninstalling tool and then restart PC/MAC
7. Norton is successfully uninstalled from your device
8. You can always download Norton on

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